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Health Room


Any child who has experienced a fever, persistent cough, vomiting and/or diarrhea within 24 hours of the school day needs to be carefully evaluated before coming to school.  If your student is not fully recuperated from an injury or illness, please keep your student at home. Any student with a a fever of 100.0 or above should be kept at home for the day. 

If antibiotic treatment is needed, your child should remain home for the first full 24 hours of medication(e.g., if your child has three doses per day ordered, then three doses must be given before the child returns to school).

The health room will immediately contact the parent/guardian to pick up the student if the student has a fever (100.0 or above), is vomiting or has a serious injury.

 It is extremely important that the Health Room have current emergency contact information so we can call you should your student be ill or is hurt. Please be sure to update this information as it changes.  If we cannot reach you within a reasonable time, then another emergency contact will be called.


Administering Medication

If a prescription medication is necessary during school hours, the nurse must have an "APS Authorization to Administer Medication" form signed by a licensed health care provider and the parent/guardian of the student. It is against state law for school employees to administer medication without this authorization.

Over-the-counter Medication

Students are allowed to have over-the-counter medication available in the Health Room on an as needed basis provided a parent completes the appropriated form and the medication comes to school in the original packaging. If your child needs an over-the-counter medication for more than 5 consecutive days, a doctor's order must accompany the medication.

All over-the-counter medications must be age appropriate for the student. For example; Junior Strength Tylenol, not adult strength.

Storage & Pick-up of Medication

All medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the Health Room. Students will be allowed to carry asthma inhalers with them provided the appropriate form has been signed  by parent/guardian and doctor. 

Students will not be allowed to take any medication home with them except asthma inhalers. A parent/guardian must come to the Health Room to take any medications home for the student.


Medical Forms