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To report an absence call the attendance line 296-5655 ext. 3


This is an automated 24 hour message line.  Call day or night. 


APS District Attendance Office  - 855-9812


Please call the attendance line by 9:00 a.m. EACH day that your child is absent. If we do not hear from you, the absence is unexcused. You can leave a message anytime on the 24 hour automated attendance line.
Record the following information:

  • Student's full legal name
  • Grade
  • Teacher's Name
  • Reason for absence (if a reason is not given it will be marked unexcused)
  • Your name
  • Contact phone number
  • The district’s automated Parent Link notification system will begin contacting parents at 8:10 a.m. with a safety call alerting you that an absence or tardy has been recorded for your child. At 6:30 p.m. you will receive a call for absences that have not been accounted for by a call to the school or the child arriving at school as tardy. 
  • Absences can be updated from unexcused to excused up to 3 days after the absence with a parent call or written note stating the reason for the absence. After 3 days, the parent must meet with the principal to have the absence excused.
  • Please note that family vacations are considered unexcused absences. It is expected that parents will schedule vacations during periods of time when school is not in session.
  • A doctor's note will be required for absences longer than three consecutive days or when a pattern of absences is established. 
  • Parents are also encouraged to schedule doctors, dentists, and other appointments so that they do not interfere with school attendance. Most professional medical offices will accommodate your student’s school hours and work around them.


If your student needs to leave school before dismissal time due to an appointment or emergency you must come in to the office and sign them out.

  • Teachers may not release children directly from the classroom, cafeteria, playground or field trips. 
  • We will contact the student's classroom and have your child meet you in the office, so that we are certain the two of you have made contact and the student is leaving in your care. 
  • In the event that your child’s class cannot be paged (recess, lunch, field trips), we will provide you with a slip notifying the teacher or duty person that the student has been signed out in the office. However, we ask that you check back and let us know you have connected. 
  • Children will only be released to parents/adults already approved on the student enrollment card. You must have a picture ID with you or the child will not be released to you. Children will be called for after the ID has been verified.
  • Students will not be called from class during the last 30 minutes of the school day. 


The federal “No Child Left Behind Act” requires all schools in New Mexico to meet an attendance target set by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) in order to make Yearly Adequate Progress (AYP).


New Mexico law dictates that:

  • Students between the ages of five (5) and eighteen (18) years of age are mandated to attend public school, home school or a state institution.

  • The Albuquerque Public School District reports habitual truants to the appropriate agencies such as the APS District Attendance Office, CYFD staff, District Attorney’s office, Juvenile Probation & Parole, the Children’s Court Liaison and to the State of New Mexico.

  • Consequences in New Mexico law include: license revocation, fines, and the loss of New Mexico Works Program monetary assistance.


Schools are required to intervene to improve attendance if a student’s attendance rate drops below 95% in any grading period. Students and their parents/guardians are referred to the Children’s Court Liaison Office by the district if the attendance rate drops below 90% in any grading period. Families who are referred to the Children’s Court Liaison are required to attend a Truancy Prevention Program and are subject to court-ordered remedy if a problem persists.

  • APS students are allowed no more than (5) five unexcused absences per semester, and no more than (10) unexcused absences per school year. In compliance with New Mexico state law, APS reports students with excessive unexcused absences to the APS district attendance office, Bernalillo County Children’s Court and District Attorney’s Office. Elementary students whose tardies are considered excessive also may be referred to the Children’s Court Liaison.

  • The parent/guardian must notify the school each day that a student will be absent, in accordance with the notification procedure established by the school.

  • Absences may be excused for the following reasons, with appropriate documentation:

    • Doctor’s appointment

    • Illness

    • Death in the family

    • Family emergency

    • Religious commitment

    • Diagnostic testing

    • School or college visit

  • In the event that the school has not received notification of an absence by a parent for 3 consecutive days, the school must make an attempt to contact the parent/guardian.

  • Excessive excused absences may result in further inquiry from the principal and request for additional documentation.

  • Family vacations are considered unexcused absences, and it is expected that parents will schedule vacations during periods of time when school is not in session.

  • Non-school sponsored activities or trips are considered unexcused.

  • A parent/guardian must notify the school each day that a student is signing out before the end of the instructional day in accordance with notification procedure established by the school.