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Bullying Policy


Chelwood Elementary Bullying Prevention Plan

Definition:  Bullying is unfair and one-sided behavior. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose, in person or via multi-media.  

To Determine if it is bullying

To qualify as bullying, the incident must involve an imbalance of power between the target and the student who acts aggressively. Bullying usually involves multiple incidences and target feels powerless to self-advocate. 

School Policy on reporting incidents of bullying

  • Anyone who sees or hears of a bullying incident must report through the referral process outlined below.
  • All referrals should be submitted to the administrator within one day of incident or report of incident.
  • If it is an immediate safety concern, the staff member will contact the office to escort the student who is acting aggressively to the front office to ensure student safety.

Referral Process and School Policy for responding to incidents of bullying

  • School staff that witness or receive reports of bullying will appropriately intervene and document the incident
  • A discovery process will take place with all parties involved (target, bystanders and student(s) acting aggressively. Findings will be documented.  
  • Teachers and other staff who are involved with the students will be notified to help monitor and prevent further bullying situations. 
  • Families of students involved will be notified of the incident and of the outcomes, which pertain to their child. 

​School Policy on disciplinary steps to incidents of bulllying

  • Consistent response and consequences for students and recommended interventions. 
  • Provide classroom guidance curriculum regarding the expected behaviors of the school. 
  • Provide classroom guidance curriculum regarding the expected behaviors of the school or classroom, possible consequences for inappropriate behavior, and the school procedure to report incidents of bullying. 
  • Offer support services to both target and student who is acting aggressively which are available through the school counselor or administrator.  
  • Administrator is available to meet with families of student involved.